Creating a Logo

Creating a Logo

Written by Nick Orme on 02-Feb-17

When it comes to building a strong brand for your business, getting your logo right is essential. A good logo should be both instantly recognisable and evoke the right associations and feelings in your stakeholders. Ideally, anyone looking at your logo for the first time should have a fair idea of what you do and what you stand for. It really is that integral to your brand.

So, you know you need to get it right. But where to start? One of the first things you need to do is to decide on a brand strategy (See the last entry of Better By Design). Unless you have a clear idea of your company’s core strengths and values, it will be virtually impossible to come up with a logo that represents your business accurately.

Once you have a firm idea of your brand, you need to find a logo that fits it. Keep it simple. Your logo should work in any medium - on your letterhead, brochures, website, corporate uniforms, company blimp… you get the idea. If you create a logo with elaborate images and patterns, it’s unlikely to look good when it’s been reduced to fit on your business card, for example. So, keeping it simple is important.

Carefully consider the fonts and colours you use. Some fonts will make you look corporate and serious, while others will carry a whiff of a homemade poster for the village fete. Likewise, colours can have associations too. For instance, orange can suggest value for money and budget services – think Easyjet or Happy Shopper – while dark colours can appear conservative and dependable – look at Marks & Spencers or British Airways. The colour, or colours, you choose for your logo should be in line with how you want people to feel about your company.

Finally, once you have your logo, keep control of it. It should be consistent throughout your business to present a unified and focussed message to you customers. If the Accounts department thinks it looks better in blue for the annual report, while Marketing choose pink for the website, you’re fighting a losing battle. Create guidelines for using the logo, and make sure everyone in the company knows what they are.

If you want to find out more about logo design, or would like to have your logo reviewed by our designers, please get in touch.

Creating a Logo
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