Direct Mail doesnt have to be junk

Direct Mail doesnt have to be junk

Written by Nick Orme on 16-Jan-17

Direct mail, which is essentially promotional material such as letters, postcards or flyers sent through the post, can be an effective way to promote your business if done properly.

Over the last few years there has been a move towards email marketing rather than sending information through the post. This has a number of benefits, including saving you time and money licking and stamping envelopes, reducing your environmental impact, and ensuring your message goes directly to the intended recipient (without having to first negotiate the person who opens the post).

However, with the increasing volume of email traffic and the growing use of spam filters, email marketing does have its own problems. Many of us are now inundated with more emails than we can really cope with. More often than not, marketing messages are the first to be relegated to the trash.

So is posted direct mail the way forward? It can be, but only if it’s done intelligently. The merest whiff of junk mail and it is likely to end up in the nearest bin, so the first thing you need to ensure is that your sales material is relevant. It’s no good sending your latest men’s clothing catalogue to your female customers for example. At best you’ll look incompetent and at worst you’ll cause offense. Are you sending your messages to a targeted group of people or companies, or are you sending out thousands of flyers to names plucked from a directory and hoping for the best? If the answer is the latter, you need to have a re-think to get positive results.

Like most marketing initiatives, direct mail works most effectively if it is part of a larger integrated campaign. It can be a great way to drip feed information to your customers or prospects so that when they see an advert or promotion elsewhere, they are more likely to recognise it and be receptive to it.

Design can play a big part in making this work, as a consistent look and feel can really help to tie a campaign together. We have bags of experience in creating direct mail campaigns that really work, so if you’re planning a campaign, get in touch!

Direct Mail doesnt have to be junk
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