Direct mail works best if it is well designed (which is where we come in) and accurately targeted The key is to ensure that your mailings only go to valid contacts; otherwise there can be very high wastage. Most direct mail goes straight into the waste bin, so it’s important to regularly clean your lists.

Print Production

We deal with a wide variety of reliable specialist printers on behalf of clients, so if you would like us to coordinate print production for ­ you – specifying technical details, obtaining comparison quotes, checking proofs, etc – we are happy to do so. We normally charge an hourly rate for this kind of work.

Email Marketing

The online equivalent of direct mail is email marketing, a powerful and actually quite intimate means of keeping customers in the loop. Email marketing also offers the benefit of enabling a direct ‘click me’ response link to further information, or to an ecommerce site. And it can be a good way to build long-term relationships by entering into an ongoing dialogue with your existing customers and new prospects. If you’re interested in adding email marketing to your marketing armoury.

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