Coordinating your literature, so that every item of corporate collateral follows a standardised format and style, can generate a number of valuable benefits For a start (and I probably shouldn’t be revealing this), in the long term, you will reduce your design and artwork costs.

That will happen because once you have a defined format in terms of typography, logo positioning, colours, etc, every new item will partially design itself, and the artwork will be much quicker to produce. It will also make it easy to create master templates for repeat items where part of the content changes, such as sales leaflets, technical documents and internal forms. PDFs of artwork can be very cost-effectively used to generate online versions of these items. A key advantage of dealing with us is that although you’ll get outstandingly good creative graphic design, you’ll also get design that has a marketing focus, because we never forget that the core objective is to help you sell more products or services. Another benefit of coordinated literature is that presenting a consistent style will strengthen and reinforce your corporate identity, making your brand more visible and better known. It will also create an overall impression of efficiency and reliability – invaluable assets for any organisation. Defined formats and templates can even be used to gain greater control over literature produced by subsidiaries, agents and associates – even to the extent of issuing guidelines to ensure that terminology is consistent, and of providing approved images.

Print Production

We deal with a wide variety of reliable specialist printers on behalf of clients, so if you would like us to coordinate print production for ­ you – specifying technical details, obtaining comparison quotes, checking proofs, etc – we are happy to do so. We normally charge an hourly rate for this kind of work.

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