A company magazine is a great way to keep customers up-to-date on special offers and new products or services. It can also be a highly cost-effective way to motivate and train staff

A regularly produced printed magazine – even if it’s only issued a couple of times a year – generates goodwill and really helps people to feel they belong. An extra benefit is that artwork produced for print can easily (and cheaply) be converted into a format that can be emailed or placed on your website. Mostly royalty-free photographs can be used to keep costs down, but it’s always good to include a few pictures of staff and customers as well. You may even be able get some income, by offering advertising space to partner and associated companies.

Print Production

We deal with a wide variety of reliable specialist printers on behalf of clients, so if you would like us to coordinate print production for ­ you – specifying technical details, obtaining comparison quotes, checking proofs, etc – we are happy to do so. We normally charge an hourly rate for this kind of work.

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